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In 2015 Fluid World were appointed as the official EU Agent to develop the Pusheen licensing programme.

Following the huge success of Pusheen’s blog,, the character was launched as an emoticon on Facebook Messenger in 2013 and is currently being sent more than 14 million times a day between users. Pusheen has 9 million fans on Facebook, 104 thousand followers on Twitter and 86 thousand followers on Instagram.

Pusheen, created by Claire Belton and Andrew Duff, is a cute, humorous and loveable grey chubby tabby cat, based on the artists’ childhood cat. Pusheen was adopted by Claire’s family from an animal shelter in her youth and was named after the Irish word for kitten: puisin. Pusheen’s hobbies include eating, sleeping, blogging and generally being adorable. She has all nine lives left!

Fans of Pusheen are able to relate to typical cat characteristics, bringing out the endearing funny side of the Pusheen. 


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